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Motor Insurance

Scope of motor insurance
Third Party Only
A 'third party only' policy would satisfy the minimum legal requirements (motor vehicle third party risks act cap 405 of Kenya) and in addition would include cover for legal liability where damage was caused to some other person's property. An addition to the form of cover is where damage to the car itself from fire or theft is included, a 'third party, fire and theft policy'.

Comprehensive Policy
The most common form of cover is the 'comprehensive policy' which covers death or bodily injury to persons, damage to third party property, damage to or loss of the motor vehicle due to accidental external means e.g. collision or overturning, damage to the vehicle by malicious act, fire, external explosion, self ignition, lightning or frost, damage to the vehicle while in transit by road or rail while in Kenya, loss or damage to the vehicle due to theft or attempt threat.

The following additional covers are available at an additional premium. Windscreen and window glass cover Radio cassette extension Riot strike and civil commotion Special perils.

Classes of motor Insurance Private Car Insurance:
» This class relates to private cars used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and /or in connection with the insured business.
» Comprehensive policies issued to individuals also include other benefits like personal accident benefits for insured and spouse, medical expenses, and loss of or damage to rugs, clothing and personal effects.

Commercial Vehicle Policies:
» All vehicles used for commercial purposes e.g lorries, school buses, tractors, pick ups and vans., etc. are not insured under private car policies but under special contracts known as commercial vehicle policies.

Motor cycles:

» This is a growing sector of motor insurance business and may well continue to be so if petrol becomes more and more scarce.
» The type of policy depends upon the machine, whether it is a moped or a high powered motor cycle and on the age and experience the cyclist. The cover is comparatively inexpensive relative to motor car insurance.

Motor trade:
» Special policies are offered to garages and other people within the motor trade business to ensure that their liability to third parties are covered while using motor vehicles entrusted to them for repairs or sale.
» This policy can also be extended to cover damage to any motor vehicle including its accessories while thereon the property of the insured or any vehicle held in trust either in garages or showrooms.
» The company may at its own option repair, reinstate or replace such vehicle or any part/accessories thereof or may pay in cash the amount of the damage.

Special Type:
» The present classification of insurance business refers to land vehicles other than railway rolling stock' and many such vehicles fall under a category known to insurers as 'special types'.
» These will include forklift trucks, mobile cranes, bulldozers and excavators. Such vehicles may travel on roads as well as building sites and other private ground.
» Where special type vehicles are not used on roads, they are transported from site to site and it is more appropriate to insure the liability under a public liability policy, as the vehicle is really being used as a 'tool of trade' rather than a motor vehicle.